About INSIDR – Who we are and why we do all this!

INSIDR was born officially in 2015, but the idea of building something like INSIDR actually started long before. Here is a little bit of information about who we are at INSIDR and why we do what we do and are so passionate about this!


How INSIDR started

Photos INSIDR team and founders

INSIDR is a project that was born in the heads of Nina and Ben, the sister & brother duo behind the startup. They realised after travelling, studying, and working in Asia how different the level of service and selflessness was over there compared to Europe.

Ben studied for a year in Japan in Tokyo back in 2006-2007 and this experience remains the foundation of everything that happened after in his life.  He fell in love so deep with Japan that he worked very hard to be able to go back several years after, to experience the Japanese culture from a working perspective. Nina studied in South Korea, and also experienced working and living as an artist in Japan for months.

Nina and Ben experienced a real culture shock when they came back home in Paris. Paris remains one of the most beautiful city in the world, but it is also aggressive, disorganised, smelly, and frustrating in many aspects.

In 2015, they realised that it would become their mission to help travellers have a better travel experience when coming over to Europe. INSIDR was born.


Our mission, our values, and the value we want to bring to the world

The mission at INSIDR is the following and will always remain the same. INSIDR helps travellers enjoy a trouble-free, easy, safe, memorable, and authentic travel experience in Europe.


To do so, we are set to assist independent travellers coming from all over the world with three key pieces of value:

– Free and really useful information on a professional website to prepare for a trip to Europe

– Free in-depth expert local guides for download on our website

– Affordable innovative services for travellers that can be trusted


As a company, internally and to the world, we breathe the following values:







In everything we do every single day we do our absolute best to respect these above everything else.


Meet the INSIDR Team

Photos INSIDR team 2018

INSIDR is no longer a sister-brother duo! And nothing would have been possible if it had remained a mini team. INSIDR has the goal to actually bring together the most talented individuals from all over the world to carry out our mission. INSIDR is and will always be a collective adventure.

Here is an up-to-date view of the team!

– Fabricio: Also called Mister Wizard in the team, Fabricio is the CTO of INSIDR

– Melanie: Melanie is the genius behind all the content produced at INSIDR. She doesn’t like to bring it forward but she was also part of the national Kendo team of Macao! How cool is that!

– Ina: Ina shares her passion for travel in Europe with great stories and beautiful photos on and on all of our social channels

– Angel: Angel brings the flavour and bliss of Taiwan to Europe

– Mehdi: Mehdi is the mastermind behind many of the strategies carried out at INSIDR to grow

– Jake: When not running marathons every week, Jake puts his energy to good use to develop INSIDR with Chinese partners

– Raphael: Raphael does an incredible job at developing new tech features

– Mayur: Mayur is the angel that ensure everything goes smoothly for INSIDR travellers from an operational perspective

– Nina: Nina leads the whole traveller story at INSIDR

– Ben: Ben works hard to develop INSIDR as a successful travel startup

And INSIDR wouldn’t be INSIDR without all the contributors that have added their personal touch to the project since the foundation of the project. We thank Marc, Ophélie, Stacey, Vincent, Alice, Katherine, Catherine, Julien, Vincent, Lucas,  Angelica, Ho, Christina, Ben, Leo, Lisa, Kamila, Lalida, Kaew, Yohei, Sanae, Sunah, Youngshil, Muhammad, Yooka, Violette, Yuka and more everyday !


Recent developments and news

We will share in all transparency all the good (and sometimes bad!) news about INSIDR. We really want to share with you the reality of what it means to build, sustain, and grow a travel startup in Paris. Check out these blogs for more Europe travel tips!

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