Best Time to go to Europe – Best Seasonal Events in Europe

It’s really hard to say when the best time to go to Europe is. The cities are never lovelier than when the first flowers of spring blossom. Summer in Europe has long, almost never-ending days that make it possible to do everything. Autumn is just as captivating for the auburn hues that sweep through the city and the fairy lights that illuminate the cities’ streets during Christmas in Europe make people feel festive. There are so many reasons why it’s difficult to say when the best time to go to Europe is. However, we’ve started creating guides on popular events in Europe and what travellers should look forward to the most. You’ll find tips on transportation, activities and updated information. Have a look!


Best Time to go to Europe: Best events in France

We’re still getting all of our information together on the numerous exciting events that France hosts each year. For now, we hope you enjoy planning your next memorable holiday season in the country by visiting its lively Christmas markets. But if you hate the cold in winter, reading about the most beautiful places in France in summertime might convince you to take a trip!


Paris throughout the year

A lot of people love Paris in the summertime because of its late sunsets, music festivals, and parades for important events like the Bastille Day. Because we couldn’t pick one single answer for when the best time to go to Paris is, we’ve created a selection of different events that both locals and travellers love.