Europe Itinerary – Plan your Europe trip

So you’ve decided to take your next vacation in Europe and now you need to create the perfect Europe Itinerary. Luckily, that is where our field of expertise comes in. You’ll find all of our best recommendations on attractions, activities, food, events, and even transport all included in each of our Europe travel itineraries. You’ll find 2-day and 3-day guides to exciting cities like Paris, London, and Barcelona! You’re guaranteed to find the best activities in every destination. You won’t worry about missing any of them even when you’re traveling for a short period of time. Are you excited to plan a trip to Europe yet? Take our Europe itinerary with you and let’s go!


Europe Itinerary: France

France is such a beautiful country. It has the right balance of urban and country charms that will make you want to {rent a car} and wander off. Paris itself is a huge city to be experienced. We’ve created a few itineraries that will make sure you find every important corner in the city. We’ve also created simple day-long itineraries to areas outside of Paris like Champagne, Reims, and {Mont saint-Michel}. You’ll also find 2-day and 3-day organized trips to see the best of what Bordeaux, Brittany and Normandy have to offer.


Italy Itineraries

If you’re looking to explore the boot-shaped country of Italy, then you’ve landed on the right page! Our suggested itineraries in the best cities of Italy won’t leave you wanting. We’ve included all the best activities like visiting the Duomo in Milan, cruising in the Grand Canal of Venice, and even taking day trips to the colorful island of Burano! You’ll find more than just stopping for gelato in these city guides.


Northern Europe Itinerary

We’ve started growing our content on the amazing cities in northern Europe for our dear travellers. You’ll find a few different suggestions on how to make the most out of your few days in London. We’ve included day trips to the neighboring cities of Cambridge and Bath, too! The same goes for Amsterdam and Copenhagen where you won’t need to do any planning on your own because we’ve got it covered.


Southern Europe Itinerary

Our favorite holiday destinations in Europe are mostly found in the south of the continent. We hope our planned travel itineraries will make you excited to pack your bags for Spain where you can enjoy the contrasts between Barcelona and Madrid. We also invite you to travel to Portugal where you’ll take your best photos against the colorful buildings in Lisbon and then fall in love with the atmosphere of Porto.