European cuisine – Guide to eating in Europe

Eating the best food in Europe is probably the only thing that can rival being blown away by the continent’s amazing attractions. After all, it’s the place that has influenced in many ways how the rest of the world eats. From the ubiquitous pizza and pasta in Italy to the indulgent foie gras in France, when in Europe, keep an open mind and try the the different local specialties each city has. Our guide to sampling the best of European cuisine will show you all the best food in each city. It’ll also point to exactly where the best restaurants and bars are in Europe are! Get your palate ready to taste the flavors of European cuisine.


European cuisine: eating in Paris

It’s true that Paris is best known for its haute cuisine and fine dining scene. The city has over 600 restaurants that have won the most coveted Michelin stars. While a star is synonymous to expensive, our guide will show you that there are actually a ton of great restaurants, bars, and cafes in Paris that are budget-friendly! If you’ve got a special dietary restrictions, don’t worry! We’ve also written about where to find good gluten-free and halal food in Paris. For those who have a sweet tooth, you might be keen on reading our list of the best chocolatiers in the city! Our guide to the best and most affordable cooking classes will perfectly suit all of the budding chefs! We didn’t stop there. We’ve also included tips on which restaurants to book in advance. All of the restaurants, cafes, and shops are personal recommendations from everyone in the INSIDR team. No tourist traps!

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European cuisine: France food guide

Our France food guide focuses more on the most basic things that are important to know before coming to the country. Our guide to table manners in France will shed a light on why most travellers get the impression of unfriendly service, especially in Paris. We also tell you what the most popular and loved French dishes are!


European cuisine: eating in Italy

Make sure you pack a pair of elastic waist pants for your trip to Italy because you’re going to need them. Get ready to eat, eat, and eat! Our Italy food guide won’t only tell you where to find the best pizza and pasta in Rome. We’ll also introduce you to the best restaurants in the city for an authentic carbonara. Milan might be a known for its influence in fashion but our Milan restaurant guides will show you why foodies will enjoy the city, too. Check out our guide to the best places in the city for aperitivo and coffee. We’ll also take you on a culinary journey through Venice where you’ll find the best places for gelato and the restaurants that serve authentic Italian fare. And if sampling the local tipple is what interests you more, we also have a great number of city guides to the best bars and clubs!


European cuisine: eating in London

There’s more to London than just fish & chips and mushy peas! It’s where you can eat a solid English breakfast that will fuel you for the rest of your day sightseeing! But aside from that, the London food scene is also very multicultural where you’ll find some amazing ethnic food. Don’t skip visiting our recommended local watering holes either! For something a bit more colorful, we have a great list of the best local gay bars that will promise great drinks and great times.


European cuisine: eating in Northern Europe

Cold weather, extremely tall people, and universal healthcare are perhaps the top 3 things northern Europe is best known for. But we think that our food & drink guide to Amsterdam, Berlin, and Copenhagen will make you reconsider. The restaurant and bar scenes in these cities are on the rise and will keep on thriving! Check out our favorite local spots for having brunch in Amsterdam, getting drinks in Berlin, and eating the best snacks in Copenhagen.


European cuisine: eating in Spain

Spain is the home of delicious tapas that will just keep you coming back for more. You’ll find that we’ve got lists of the best tapas bars for Madrid and Barcelona. We hope you’ll try them so you can see for yourself what their subtle differences are. Our Spain food guide will also introduce you to local Spanish dishes like the traditional cocido Madrileño and authentic paella! Don’t forget to have coffee at any one of our recommended local cafés in Madrid. If sampling Spanish wine is something you’re interested in, our guide to the best wine shops in the city won’t disappoint you. You’ll also get excited about the local night scene because you’ll see how many cool bars there are!


European cuisine: eating in Portugal

Lisbon and Porto are most famous for their sardines that are sourced locally. Being right next to the Atlantic, you’ll surely be spoiled with all different kinds of seafood. Another plus is that they’re much more affordable than anywhere else in Europe! Have a look at the best food in Europe, especially in Portugal that you must not miss!