European Destinations – Europe Sightseeing Guide

Your search for the best European destinations ends here. You won’t find a more awe-inspiring place than Europe. The continent has the most number of UNESCO World Heritage sites in the world with Italy leading the list with 53 sites. The entire continent is full of the best preserved historical monuments like the Colosseum in Rome, impressive infrastructure like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and architectural breakthroughs like the Sagrada Familia in Spain. Thousands have already visited these tourist attractions in Europe but we know that there are still thousands more to come. Our guides come packed full of practical and updated information on how to visit them. Make sure you bring a camera with you because you’re going to want to remember how special these European destinations are.


Attractions in Paris

Apart from the iconic Eiffel Tower and the symbolic Arc de Triomphe in Paris, we’ll also tell you in detail about the different museums, parks, and reasons that keep bringing people back to the City of Light! After you’ve stood in front of the Eiffel Tower in Trocadero and taken your frame-worthy photos, next up is going to to soak in some some culture in the Louvre. At night, you can wind down with a nice glass or wine at any of the fine bars and restaurants in the city. Or, you can do better by booking a table at the exciting Moulin Rouge for some good food, bubbly champagne, and iconic French cabaret! You’re not going to think twice why Paris is considered to be one of the best European destinations out there!

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Attractions in Normandy

Normandy is a stunning region in the north of France where a lot of Parisians escape to especially in spring and summertime. It’s home to the second most visited place in France, Mont Saint-Michel. This abbey that seemingly looks as if it’s floating in the air is an attraction you can’t miss and has secured itself a spot as one of the best European destinations in the continent. There are many ways to get there as well as other stops you can make along the way! We also introduce you to the city of Deauville that is a famous getaway not only for its sandy beach and seaside houses but also for its luxurious casino. Our guide to Normandy’s different attractions will argue that this region deserves more than just the occasional getaway.


Attractions in Loire Valley

Visiting the Loire Valley is like stepping into a story book. Its claim to fame are the pristine and beautiful castles that stand as if no time has passed at all. Make sure you don’t miss out on stepping inside Château de Chambord. This castle could give the Versailles Palace a run for its money! The castle of Amboise is also considered one of the best “châteaux” that you will encounter in the region, revealing a magnificent Renaissance style as well as Leonardo da Vinci’s innovation laboratory. We also invite you to discover the city of Tours. Tours is the perfect place to try some France’s famous wines and cheeses, evident from its many open air markets. It also acts as an ideal base from which to explore the surrounding countryside and celebrated chateaux.


Attractions in Bordeaux

Bordeaux is considered as one of the European destinations for fine wine. The city of Bordeaux itself has a relaxing atmosphere which strongly contrasts the hustle and bustle of Paris. If you’re a lover of architecture, Bordeaux will impress you. World-class architects have designed new buildings including the Herzog & de Meuron stadium, La Cité du Vin and the Jean-Jacques bridge to create a beautifully striking combination of historical monuments and modern design. The neighboring cities of Saint-Émilion and Medoc are the best for picking up your Grand Cru bottles! Saint Emilion is best known for the full-bodied, deeply colored red wine produced there. It’s easily one of the most attractive wine towns in the region and attracts millions of wine tourists each year.


Attractions in Burgundy

The Burgundy region is yet another one in France best known for producing excellent wines. Apart from setting aside a generous amount of time for touring vineyards, expect to be blown away by the local churches and museums in the region! Dijon is a historic town with a lot to see. It is known for its gastronomy, eating should definitely be on the agenda. The ideal time to enjoy trips to Maconnaise vineyards and explore the city of Macon is in the warmer months of June and July. Beaune in November celebrates The Three Glorious Days wine festival with tastings, a street fair and a large-scale wine auction that benefits local charities.


Attractions in Brittany

The northwestern region of Brittany has its own attractions to be proud of. You have the famous coastal city of of Saint-Malo where holiday-goers can enjoy sweeping views from the ramparts. Dinan and Cancale are also cities in the region worth stopping for even at least for the excellent quality oysters! Cancale is also an ideal starting point for a trip up the Emerald Coast. This is especially great if visiting in spring, summer or early fall.


Attractions in Venice

Most people would argue that Venice is only worth visiting with a romantic partner. To that, we disagree! The attractions in Venice are so stunning that it doesn’t matter whether you’re traveling solo or with friends and family. Perhaps in the top 10 of the most scenic European destinations ever, Venice is a place that everyone has to visit at least once.  The canals, museums, and the unique atmosphere will blow you away! If there is only one place you can visit while you are in Venice, that should be Piazza San Marco. The main square of the island is the greatest thing you can see on the island. Perhaps you can also squeeze some time to ride a vaporretto or a gondola even on the famous Grand Canal. The famous bridge of the island, Ponte di Rialto is also settled on the Grand Canal itself!


Attractions in Milan

Milan is known as one of the European destinations for fashion. Many stop by the city for the glitz and glamour, for the Duomo, for the Milanese cuisine. No matter the reason, traveling here will make you realize why this city keeps pulling people in again and again! Take a trip up to Lake Como, famous for the luxury homes and celebrity getaways. Personally, we could spend weeks lounging on the banks of the lake and exploring its beautiful nature. Visit the birthplace of Othello, La Scala. This is a dense neighborhood and is packed with museums, theaters and historical monuments.


Attractions in Rome

Complete your Roman holiday by ticking off these amazing attractions one by one! And no matter what you, don’t forget to make a wish at the Trevi fountain before leaving. Piazza Navona in Rome outshines all the other squares in the city with its unique ambiance both during day and night. It’s impossible to travel to Rome and not visit the Colosseum. Colosseum is one of the few places in the whole world that allow to witness the remains of the ancient Roman Empire. The neighborhood of Trastevere Rome might be the most Italian part of the eternal city and probably the most lively, vibrant and also whimsical at the same time.


Attractions in London

London is such an energetic city that it’s hard to condense all of the amazing things to do there in a few boxes! In this section, we will introduce you to the main neighbourhoods of London. London is actually a vast city, with multiple attractions that are worth visiting. From quirky Camden to historical Westminster, discover the main attractions of London. If you’re into architecture and scenery, we highly recommend you to check out London Bridge, Westminster, Greenwich and South Bank. For a more cultural, folksy, local experience deep into London, you’ll want to look at Shoreditch, Kings Cross, and Notting Hill. We do our best with our neighborhood guides that share our recommendations on sights to see, things to do, and good food to eat!


Attractions in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It’s often traveled to in tandem with Paris because of how close they are to each other. Our advice for enjoying Amsterdam: don’t skip the gouda, take a cruise in the canals, and get lost in the neighborhood of Jordaan! If there is only one museum that you can visit in Amsterdam, that should be Rijksmuseum. Along with its enchanting architecture, the collection in this museum is definitely something you cannot forget. If you want to see the Amsterdam you know and love from photos – flower-lined canals, quaint narrow streets and trendy boutiques, a visit to Jordaan is a must.


Attractions in Berlin

Undoubtedly one of the coolest cities in Germany for its nightlife and art scene, we’ve shared about the historical attractions that are must-visits to learn how the present-day Berlin came to be! If you want to see the Reichstag, make sure you book online for the tour! Another area you cannot miss is Kreuzberg. Known for being the stomping grounds of bohemian figures such as David Bowie and Joseph Beuys, Kreuzberg is Berlin’s “hipster” capital and if one of our favorite European destinations.


Attractions in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is becoming one of the most popular traveller destinations in Northern Europe. And for good reasons. How can one say no to its growing restaurant scene, beautiful parks, and iconic Nyhavn? Nyhavn isn’t only an attraction in its own. It neighbours a lot of major sights, making it the perfect go-to spot for your first visit to Copenhagen. You’ll also find the famous Tivoli Gardens amusement park, the Little Mermaid statue and Strøget – the buzzing pedestrianised shopping high street. The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art strikes the perfect balance between landscape, architecture and art. This is what makes it so special and a must-see on your visit to Copenhagen.


Attractions in Barcelona

One of our favorite European destinations, Barcelona has perfected the equation of attracting people who just want to have a good time. You can marvel at the majestic Sagrada Familia from both inside and outside. Foodies will love roaming the local markets where you can grab a tapa or two! You can’t miss tasting the local tipple—vermouth! If you’re up to it, go on and hike up Parc Guell for unrivaled views of the city. We also recommend walking barefoot on the sandy shores of Barceloneta especially during sunset for the magical amber hues.


Attractions in Madrid

If you’re a soccer fan, you’ve already probably associated Madrid with its world-famous football team. Don’t stop there! Madrid has stunning museums that house some of the best Spanish art and it’s a laid-back city where you can enjoy walking aimlessly. Visit the El Prado museum, one of the best galleries for art in Spain that will give you an introduction to the turbulent history of the country. You should also walk around the hip neighborhood of Chueca. This is an area known for promotiong LGBTQ rights and where the annual Pride Parade is held!


Attractions in Lisbon

Now in the running to becoming one of the most popular European destinations, we can certainly vouch for Lisbon’s reputation. It’s a down-to-earth place that is made even richer by its people. Check out the best attractions in the city that you’ll always remember.