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Discover INSIDR’s Free Maps! These maps are perfect alongside your INSIDR Free Guides and INSIDR Free Itineraries for planning your next adventure in Europe! The INSIDR Free Maps will show you the lay of the land, guide you through different areas in the city, and are packed with local recommendations and expert travel tips. Beyond providing updated information through our articles, we at INSIDR believe that nothing is more handy than a well-thought of and complete travel guide to have with you during your trip. That’s why we’ve started off by releasing our first series of Paris Travel Guides as Paris is a place that we, at INSIDR, know by heart.

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Free Travel Maps: Paris transport maps

First and foremost, we know that the most important thing about travelling to a new place is getting to know its local form of transportation. Europe has some of the most sophisticated public transportation in the world. Our Free Travel Maps start off with Paris. We’ve decided to create free maps of the different rail networks in Paris to help travellers acquaint themselves with the layout of the city. Our maps will introduce you to Paris’ extensive local metro that take you anywhere from north to south, east to west of the city. You’ll also learn about the suburban train network known as the RER that takes travellers outside of the city to major attractions like Disneyland and Versailles. We’ll also introduce you to the Noctilien Night Bus network which is extremely useful for a late night ride home!


Free Travel Maps: Paris neighborhoods

The goal of our Free Travel Maps is to let you discover an extremely touristic district in Paris but in a fresh and authentic way. Our INSIDR maps aim to serve as if your Parisian friend is showing you around his favorite neighborhood. You will find on-the-spot recommendations for attractions, food, shopping, and hidden-gems. Our local maps don’t just want to show you where places are, we created them to encourage travellers to see these local areas in Paris by foot. You’re guaranteed an authentic local experience that doesn’t only show you the best attractions. When you want to take a break between all of the sightseeing and walking, stop for a meal at any one of the restaurants and cafés we recommend. We have recommendations that fit every budget! If you’re in the mood for some shopping, you’ll also find a few great recommendations inside our maps.

INSIDR Free Local Maps are available in a PDF version which you can download hereYou can also get the digital version of the map that has recommendations and walking routes for you to explore. Our digital versions can be accessed both online and offline.


Free Travel Maps: France

Similar to our Free Travel Maps in Paris, our France maps will show you all of the best attractions in areas outside of Paris. We’ve first published maps on the most famous places in Normandy like the D-Day Beaches, Giverny, and Mont Saint Michel. We didn’t forget to create a map for Versailles either! You’ll find the best attractions, restaurants, and accommodation as well as transport tips so you can have an easy time sightseeing!


More INSIDR Travel Guides

INSIDR Pocket Guides: guiding you on the go!

We created our Pocket Guides extra concise but packed with practical information. They’re a shortcut to everything you need to know to be ready for your trip. It’s got the type of key info you should save, download, print, and carry with you during your trip! Figuring out the tricky metro and RER trains starts with our Paris Transportation Guide. Figuring out how to best spend a few days in Paris will be a piece of cake with our Paris 4 Days Itinerary. Download our Free Travel Guides for Paris in one click!


INSIDR Expert Guides: the ultimate research material

Expert Guides are a compilation of over 40 pages of detailed maps, itineraries, and a vast range of recommendations. This guide is perfect for all types of travellers. If you are preparing for a trip with your family, with a group of friends or even a trip alone with a desire to go beyond the main touristic attractions at night,  our Paris Night Guide is the answer! If you’re looking for where the local Parisians shop in the city, check out our Paris Shopping Guide!

Download our Expert Guides here!


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