Romantic Europe – Europe Guide for Couples

There is no doubt that many couples want to visit the most romantic places in Europe. In fact, Europe has become a sort of magnet for the sheer number of couples it attracts year after year. In recent years, especially since the rise of social media, it’s also become a hub for romantic tourism. When you walk the streets of Paris and Venice, you’ll see many couples being photographed for their engagements or weddings. Some even go as far as making Europe the destination of their dream weddings. It’s for these reasons that we’ve created guides to help plan the best vacations for couples in Europe. We’ll point you to the most romantic places in Europe and the best places to honeymoon in the Romantic Europe. Get ready to fall in love!


The most romantic things to do in Paris

It’s no secret that Paris is a city that has an air of romance all around it. Its reputation for romance may have started from the numerous films and books. Believe us, it’s all very much true to this day. We’re not only sharing the cliché Eiffel Tower spot. Here, you’ll find a great lost of local restaurants in the city that don’t only promise you a delicious meal but will also amp up the romance between you and your partner!  We also have a guide on where to buy the best smelling perfumes that are so very characteristic of the French! Surely your loved on will fall further more in love with you. And for something more simple but still thoughtful, you’ll find our guide to the best parks in the city where you can enjoy long walks and even picnics as if straight off of a novel.


Romantic Europe: Traveling as a couple

If you’re considering on going on your honeymoon in Europe, you have got to take notes because we’re sharing the most romantic places! You have Venice which is arguably the most romantic places in Europe for its iconic gondola rides and small quiet alleyways. We’ve got a great guide on where you can pop the most important question you’ll ever ask your significant other. Cities like London and Amsterdam might also surprise you with their own set of romantic attractions for couples! Did you know that Amsterdam has a ton of great restaurants that set the romantic mood just right? London also has strong cards when it comes to romance. Couples can stroll along the Thames river and see a Shakespeare play in the city. Read about all of these in detail!