Shopping in Europe – Europe Shopping Guide

Going shopping in Europe is not simply spending money on material things. Quite frankly, if you know where to look and if you visit local markets, your shopping experience can be a cultural one as well. It’s where you get the chance to speak even bits of the local language by first saying “bonjour” to a shop assistant in Paris or when you say “muchos gracias” to a fruit vendor in Barcelona. We’ve created shopping guides to not only point you to the best quality shops worth spending your money on be it for designer clothing or local souvenirs. We’ve created these shopping guides so you can bring home more than just memories and photographs from your trip. Have a look at our guides and be sure to take notes of where all the best places to shop in Europe are!


Best places to shop in France

France truly is one of the best shopping destinations in the world. For one, travellers from outside the EU can enjoy a generous tax refund of 12% which is why it’s no surprise why so many travellers dedicate at least a full afternoon of their trip to shopping. Our France shopping guide won’t only point you to the best boutiques where you can score designer labels. We’ve also created guides that help you find the best souvenirs that are budget-friendly.

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Shopping in Europe: Quality stores

We’re still in the process of growing our content on shopping in Europe. It takes a good amount of research before we can even start recommending places. For now, we hope you enjoy our published articles on the best shops in London, Madrid, and Barcelona. You’ll find a lot of local shops and independent brands that we think are worth checking out and supporting! We’ll introduce you to some truly chic boutiques and brands from Spain that carry unique items you’ll surely want to bring back home. One of our guides also invite you to head to the English neighborhood of Camden where can run into different types of markets with every visit. You’ll find antiques for your home that are sure to be conversation-starters.