Things to Do in Europe

Traveling to Europe is in many people’s bucket-lists and for obvious reasons. You can marvel at the ancient Roman ruins in Palatine Hill in Rome. Traveling in Paris will prove to you why the city is the most visited in Europe because of its romantic, family-friendly, fashionable, and gourmet sensibilities. The excitement that Barcelona and Madrid are so popular for is palpable as you party the night away in one of their clubs. You’ll be surprised why England keeps getting a bad reputation for food after you go on a food crawl in London. These are only a few discoveries that await you. There are just so many things to do in Europe that simply don’t compare anywhere else. In this category, you’ll see the top things that will make your trip to these different cities meaningful and hard to forget.


Things to do in Europe: Paris activities

When you’ve already ticked all your boxes for sightseeing in Paris, we recommend that you go through our list of the best things to do in the city. We have great guides that will offer you different ideas on how to make the most out of your visit. One of our favorite articles is about spending Sundays in Paris where we show you how the city is still fun and vibrant even when most commercial shops are closed. If you’re looking for a more local experience, we have guides to the best cooking classes and art classes in Paris that you can join!  Night owls will appreciate our guide on what to do in Paris at night because not only do we include a list of the best bars and night clubs, we also recommend the best shows in the city!


Things to do in Regional France

Here you’ll find our expert advice on how to enjoy what cities outside of the French capital have to offer. We absolutely enjoy traveling to Normandy and Brittany for the rich history and staggering nature it has. Our guide to the best things there will tell you that going to the D-Day beaches in Normandy and eating fresh oysters in Brittany are a must! We also tell you about the best activities in Bordeaux that aren’t only about tasting exquisite wine.


Things to do in Italy

Traveling to Italy is no doubt one of the best things to do in Europe. This boot-shaped country seemingly has an endless amount of exciting discoveries waiting to be made. We help you uncover some of them in our guide to the best activities in Venice. Not only will you fall in love with your partner as you go exploring the Venetian canals, you’ll also fall head over heels for the city. We also encourage you to visit Milan and experience its best activities outside of fashion.


Things to do in Spain

No matter how many times one has been in Spain, there will always be a reason to come back again. We absolutely love traveling to Madrid for the shopping and the nightlife. If neither of those are what you’re into, Madrid also has some cooking classes for foodies who want to learn Madrileño cuisine. As for Barcelona, you’ll have to discover its rich Catalan culture that is evident not only during the city’s festivals but even just as you walk the streets.  You’ll also find out how Barcelona is a perfectly kid-friendly city, too!


Things to do in Northern Europe

We also have some great suggestions for things to do in London, Amsterdam, and Copenhagen! Our guide to the best activities in London includes suggestions for tours that you can do either solo or with a group. We absolutely enjoyed doing a taxi tour around charming Notting Hill. If you’re headed for Amsterdam, we hope you won’t miss taking a canal cruise or going on a food tour in Jordaan. For visiting Copenhagen, we think the best and most authentic was of seeing the city’s local culture by bike. Don’t worry, the city has one of the best roads in Europe for cycling!


Things to do in Portugal

Portugal is such a beautiful country with amazing sights, delectable food, and rich culture. As you travel the city of Lisbon, don’t miss out on exploring the hills of Alfama whether its by foot or by the iconic yellow trams that circle the neighborhoods. During sundown, take the opportunity to sit at a local bar, have a drink, and enjoy the local music, Fado. As for the coastal city of Porto, cross the magnificent Luís I Bridge to find traditional wineries aplenty in the Duoro valley.


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