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Are you planning to travel to France? There are so many more captivating places to visit in France than Le Tour Eiffel. Of course that’s not to take the iconic tower a peg down. Frankly, it is as stunning and majestic as you imagine it to be in real life. But that shouldn’t be the only thing to convince you to travel to France. Our France Travel guide takes an in-depth look at Paris and all of its charms and complexities. We also put the spotlight on the country’s different regions from the north to the south. We’ll show you why Brittany and Normandy are just as much holiday destinations as the popular south of France.

Aside from our favourite places to visit in France, you’ll also find our best France travel tips that will tell you more than just when the best time to visit France is. Most known for fine gastronomy, rich culture, football, and the ubiquitous terrace chairs the French as famously known to be people watching from, we invite you to travel to France!


Travel to France

Nice is a great city in the south to see. In addition to Nice, there are a lot of other Southern towns in France that are worth visiting. The Côte d’Azur is a magical region with many beautiful small towns that you can visit in 4-5 days. Or perhaps you’d like to visit the Languedoc Located in the southwest of France along the Mediterranean Sea towards the Spanish border, the Languedoc region offers all the delights of you would expect from Provence, however, without the crowds which can overwhelm those areas each summer. Have a look at our guides to help you decide!


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