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One of the things in many people’s travel bucket lists is to visit Amsterdam which is why INSIDR couldn’t miss creating a complete Amsterdam Travel Guide. To us, Amsterdam is the cool younger brother of Paris where you can take it easy but still learn many things from exploring its amazing sites. Our complete guide includes a curated list of the top attractions in Amsterdam that will also take you to discover the top activities and even sample the delicious food in the city. You’ll also find quality and updated information on taking the Amsterdam public transportation. And now let’s visit Amsterdam with our ultimate Amsterdam travel guide!


Visit Amsterdam: top Attractions

Amsterdam may be a small city but it is bursting with culture and history as you will find out upon visiting its attractions! History buffs will love touring the Anne Frank house and the Rijksmuseum. By visiting the Anne Frank House, you’ll get to see for yourself the annex where Anne Frank hid with her family during the war. A visit to the Rijksmuseum won’t disappoint either. Featuring the work of artists like Rembrandt, Vermeer and Frans Hals, the museum is also home to one of the most beautiful libraries you’ve ever seen. Art lovers shouldn’t miss the chance to visit the Van Gogh museum for its expansive collection of art. We also introduce you to  the charming Jordaan neighborhood. This is where you’re guaranteed to have fun passing time in one of its cute cafes and shops!


Visit Amsterdam: things to do

We’ve saved you the hard work and put together different plans that will guide you during your stay in Amsterdam. For a quick getaway to the city, you should definitely have a look at our 2-day and 3-day Amsterdam Itinerary. You’ll find that even with just a couple of days in the city, you’ll be able to enjoy the perfect balance between sightseeing, shopping, and taking it easy thanks to our guide. We’ve also compiled the best activities in Amsterdam in one place. Be ready to start ticking them off one by one!


Visit Amsterdam: where to eat

Perhaps Amsterdam isn’t one of the top cities one would think of when eating in Europe comes to mind. However, Amsterdam’s café and restaurant scene is growing where you’ll find an interesting selection of treats.  Of course, you shouldn’t miss the obvious choices of herringstroopwafels and local cheese. Amsterdam also has a thriving beer culture with countless places to enjoy a brew. If you have a little more time, head to the Heineken Experience where you can tour the original Heineken factory. You’ll learn how the beers are made and finish off with a taste testing session!


Visit Amsterdam: where to stay

You might be surprised that Amsterdam is known to be one of the places with the most expensive room rates. Every neighborhood has its own distinct attribute. It can be challenging to decide on an area to plot as your base. Amsterdam is divided into 12 distinct neighbourhoods scattered in and around the centre. Areas like Oud-Zuid and Oud-West are known for their wealth and chic style. De Pijp, Bos en Lommer and De Baarsjes celebrate Amsterdam’s diversity, while Oost and De Plantage are popular for their green spaces. Hopefully with our guides, you’ll find the perfect place to stay at easily!


Visit Amsterdam: public transportation guide

The public transportation network in Amsterdam is efficient, clean and easy-to-use. There are even transport passes travellers can purchase to fully take advantage of the local buses, metros, and trams in the city. Amsterdam’s distinctive white and blue trams are one of the best ways to get in and around the city centre. The reliable and frequent tram service criss crosses all around the city, and many of the tram routes terminate the the Central Station.


Amsterdam travel guide:  links and resources

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