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It’s no secret that Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in Europe and our Barcelona Travel Guide will show you just exactly why you should visit Barcelona! It’s a city touted for its unique architecture and is home to the best works of Gaudi. It also boasts of the delicious food, beautiful beaches, and colorful culture. We can’t wait for you to discover all the best things to do, the places to visit, and the best restaurants in Barcelona through our Barcelona travel guide. Have a read and don’t forget to take some notes down if you are planning to visit Barcelona!


Barcelona travel guide: where to go

Upon visiting Barcelona, you shouldn’t miss out on admiring the architecture in the city. The best examples of that are the Sagrada Familia and Park Guell who were designed by one of the world’s most influential architects, Antonio Gaudi. You should also take some time to walk barefoot on the white sandy shores of Barceloneta beach and bookend your trip with a visit to the Picasso Museum!


Visit Barcelona: what to do

Perhaps the only downside to visiting Barcelona is not knowing how to organize your plans to fit them all in your schedule! We’ve experienced the same worries as you. And so we’ve created Barcelona travel itineraries that cover all of the best things to do. Even on a short visit, you’ll have some room to have fun and enjoy the city. Our short-stay itineraries will make sure you don’t miss visiting at least one of Gaudi’s works! You’ll find his modernist work dotted all over Barcelona, bringing creativity, flair and colour to the city.


Visit Barcelona: what to eat

Chances are, you’ve probably had Spanish food or some version of it. But like they say, there’s truly nothing like eating food where it’s originally from. Barcelona is the capital of the Catalan region of Spain and it’s where you’ll find all the delicious, traditional Catalan foods. Catalans are very proud of their culture and heritage, and this is especially true when it comes to their cuisine. Think cheeses, meats and seafood, and plenty of them all. Our guides to the best restaurants in Barcelona will properly introduce you to Spanish cuisine. Make sure you eat tapas and paella and drink lots and lots of local Spanish wine!


Visit Barcelona: where to stay

As Barcelona keeps ranking up to be one of the most visited cities in Europe, the numerous accommodations in the city have kept increasing as well. In fact, there are over 75,000 hotel beds in the city and that’s not even counting the unlisted AirBnb beds. Barcelona also has a few neighborhoods that each have their own unique vibe. For starters, you’ve got the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona which is the oldest part of the city. There’s no place that’s more fun to get lost in! This is also the centre of Barcelona, so staying in this area will mean you’re in close proximity to almost everything. Have a look at more of our expert recommendations on where to say in the city!


Visit Barcelona: where to shop

While most people come to Barcelona for the raging nightlife, delicious tapas, and perpetually sunny days, it should also be marked as a shopping destination. Barcelona has a lot of great boutiques that showcase not just the laid-back style of its locals but also serves as a treasure trove for memorable souvenirs. For example, vintage lovers will enjoy shopping at Cotton Vintage.  It is the perfect place for you to buy luxury second-hand vintage items for very reasonable prices. And they are not only second-hand but also from haute-couture and world famous brands. We’ve got many more of these recommendations!


Visit Barcelona: how to use the public transportation

The capital of Catalonia has a local population of about 1.6 million inhabitants. That’s an even bigger number after you’ve added the thousands of tourists who visit daily. To easily find your way through this city, you can’t go wrong with taking Barcelona’s public transportation. The local network is extensive and efficient. Check out our guide for the most important points to know before heading to the city!


Barcelona travel guide: links and resources

Official Barcelona Tourism website

Barcelona official public transport website


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