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If you are planning to visit Berlin, our Berlin Travel Guide attempts to peel off some of Berlin’s layers by showing you some of the best attractions, things to do, and even the best restaurants and food to eat in this multi-ethnic city. This German capital is a multi-layered city that has successfully emerged from its turbulent past. Today, it is one of the most visited places in Europe. With a lot of art and history to immerse oneself into, it has become a magnet for students, artists, creatives who seek a place they can call home. Also, the nightlife here can’t be beat!  Let us help you prepare for your trip and visit Berlin together with our Berlin travel guide!


Visit Berlin : things to do in Berlin

First, to warm up before diving right into the deeper layers of Berlin, we recommend going to see the best and most historical attractions in the city. It’s important to remember that the city came out from after being torn apart as East Berlin and West Berlin. In addition, you’ll discover how the city has evolved into the modern metropolis it is today. You should visit Unter den Linden which is Berlin’s historic museum center. This museum has a permanent collection that spans centuries. It also details the crimes committed under National Socialism.


Visit Berlin: Best restaurants

We know what you’re thinking, what are other culinary delights in Berlin apart from sausages and beer? We’re here to prove you wrong by sharing some expert advice from Berliners on where to find the best food and drinks in the city! Take Prater Garden as an example. Not only are the beers are great and cheap, there are different varieties available, too! If you want to eat some food along with your drink, the menu is compact yet all things are very tasty including potato salad, grilled sausages or even corn.


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Also available in: zh-hant繁體中文 zh-hans简体中文 thไทย ja日本語 ko한국어 idIndonesia esEspañol ruРусский