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Brittany, France is undoubtedly one of the country’s most beautiful destinations.  Located in France’s northwestern most corner, visit Brittany has its delights and surprises. Being on the coast, the region is a popular holiday destination among the French, and even the British who are just across the channel. Our Brittany Travel Guide aims to show you all the best places to visit in the region by having our Brittany itineraries at your disposal. We have also included guides on the amazing food in Brittany, some tips on where to stay and how to get around the region if you are planning to visit Brittany.


Visit Brittany: Best places to see

Immerse yourself in the maritime culture of one of Brittany’s most popular tourist destinations. Saint Malo is also a culinary hot spot. Make sure to taste regional favorites including fresh seafood, locally made Cider, MALO brand dairy products and the world-famous Maison Bordier butter used in Michelin-star restaurants around the globe.  Apart from the famous walled city of Saint Malo, the region of Brittany has amazing places and sites to see. You’ll see that the towns here have seemingly stood still in time because of the well-preserved architecture and historical monuments. Make sure you have comfortable shoes on with you because a good amount of walking on the cobblestone streets is to be expected.


Brittany Itineraries

The region of Brittany is quite large with plenty to see. It can be overwhelming to plan an entire trip there. Our suggested itineraries will offer you some great ideas on where to go and what to do there for a few days! No trip in the area is complete without stopping at the UNESCO world heritage site of Mont Saint Michel. The hilltop Abbey is rightfully known worldwide as a must-see iconic monument. This magical island and its gravity-defying monastery was the main pilgrimage site for centuries. This location has long inspired awe so make sure to check it out!


Food in Brittany

To visit Brittany the right way, you must indulge in all the good food offered in the region. The world should be thanking Brittany for bringing crêpes into existence! Forget the ones you’ve had back home or in touristic restaurants in Paris. Britanny has the real deal. The region is also rich in butter and seafood so don’t leave without trying them! This is where you’ll find deliciously crispy buckwheat galettes, fresh moules marinières and homemade cider.  Those are just a few of the culinary delights you must try during your stay.


Visit Brittany: Where to stay

Brittany is home to both luxurious resorts and budget-friendly accommodation. You also have the option of staying in the more urban areas like the city of Rennes or in smaller towns by the coast. Perched on the Emerald Coast, Dinard is also a great place to spend the night during your time in Brittany. The town has numerous restaurants and cafés. It’s a walk-able town as well so great if you don’t have a car or simply want to take a break from driving. Our guide will share with you some of our favorite options in the region.


How to get around Brittany

Rennes and Saint-Malo can both be reached by high-speed train, bus or car.  We won’t deny that having a car is the best way to visit Brittany. You’ll have the flexibility to discover some of the secluded treasures in the region and move at your own pace. However, if you don’t have access to a vehicle, there’s no need to fret! The sweeping train network, with both high-speed and local lines is a great alternative. There is also an extensive bus and coach network that are great budget-friendly options as well. With the many charming towns and the miles and miles of coast line that Brittany has, the best option of really enjoying sightseeing here is by car. Don’t worry, we’ve got expert tips to guide you on your road trip through Brittany as well as alternative options of using public transport.


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