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If you’re planning to visit London, you’ll find our definitive London Travel Guide perfect for you. London is a European city not to miss if you are planning a trip to Europe. We absolutely love the uniqueness and vibe of London. London boasts so many amazing sights including London Bridge, Covent Garden, Camden and Westminster. We could keep going on and on about the top London attractions and we haven’t even mentioned the shopping or the food yet! On top of that, when you visit London don’t forget to check out our London itinerary as well as our practical tips for London transportation!

Read on to discover all of our expert curated content about London for independent travellers.


Visit London: best attractions

In this section, we will introduce you to the main neighbourhoods of London. London is actually a vast city, with multiple attractions that are worth visiting. Notting Hill is also famous for its main market on Portobello Road. Westminster may be home to the British government but it’s also a fantastic base from which to explore London. Once the shopping crowd disappears for the night, Covent Garden really begins to come alive. From quirky Camden to historical Westminster, discover the main attractions of London.


Visit London: where to eat

London was not a foodie city, but things have definitely changed in the last 20 years or so. Not very surprisingly, London has a bit of everything from all over the world in terms of cafes. Fancy a French pastry, want some tapas for lunch or maybe an Italian touch to your sandwich? You got it! This gives a very vibrant culinary scene to discover. From traditional British cuisine and pubs, to international food, London will not fail to impress. We have also prepared our recommendations of bars and cafes not to miss while visiting London.


Visit London: travel itineraries

It can seem overwhelming to plan for a trip to London. Considering the size and diversity of the city, planning ahead of arrival some sort of itinerary is recommended. In order to help you with that, we have created several itineraries in order to help you plan and make the most of your precious travel time.


Visit London: where to shop

London is definitely one of the key shopping hotspots of Europe. From large luxurious department stores to the smallest vintage boutiques and markets, London is a fantastic place to shop. Locals and tourists alike flock to shopping hubs like Oxford Circus, Covent Garden, Bond Street and Harrods to get a taste of the famous shopping culture. Shops are open all week long including late nights, making them especially convenient for Londoners who work 9-5. We have covered all the options in the dedicated articles below.


Visit London: things to do

Not sure what to see and do in London? We are here to help you. Don’t pass up visiting Buckingham Palace! Yes, you can actually enter the palace during the few weeks it’s open in the summer. National Gallery is not only the best art museum in London but probably one the best in the world too. The collection here is amazingly large, has a huge variety in time, history, style, country, civilization, and type. Best part of all: it’s absolutely FREE! Whether you are a romantic couple or are travelling with kids, we have thought of recommended activities and sights to make sure you make the most of London while travelling.


London travel guide: transport

Public transportation in London is actually very impressive. Of all the ways to get around London, the tube (more formally known as the London Underground Network) is the fastest and most popular. TFL estimate that they get 1.37 billion passengers on the tube each year.  With 402km of railways, the tube was originally opened in 1863 and has become an integral part of London’s culture since. The bus system is also very dense and will help you navigate through the various areas of the city. You’ll need however to learn a thing or two about how to make the most of it, from using an Oyster card to preparing for airport transfer. Here is our London travel guide featuring all the things you need to know for London public transportation!


Visit London: where to stay

This is always the big question. Choosing the best area for your accommodation while in London is not easy. It’s also important to note that London has built a reputation as an extremely expensive city. Unfortunately, this also trickles down to the price of accommodation. That’s why visitors can expect to pay anywhere from £150 per night upwards, on average. But we’ve got a few great tips that will fit different budgets! From cheap hostels to luxury 5* palaces, London has the complete range of options.


London travel guide: links and resources

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