Visit Madrid – Madrid Travel Guide

Apart from traveling to the city to watch soccer, there are tons of reasons to visit Madrid. There is a certain charm Madrid has that Barcelona will always compete with. Our Madrid Travel Guide will tell you all about what to do in the city, where to stay, and we’ve even written up guides on how you should spend time in Madrid. You’ll also find our expert recommendations to the best restaurants in Madrid!


Visit Madrid: where to go

If you’re a die-hard Real Madrid fan, you cannot miss stepping foot inside Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. Do you want to  take it easy and experience the local scene in the city? The colorful and charming neighborhood of Chueca would be the perfect place for you. Lastly, Museo del Prado is the best place if admiring masterpieces from some of the greatest European artists is more your speed.


Visit Madrid: what to do

Madrid is a truly energizing city with its dazzling light and bright blue skies for most of the year. The irony is that despite the city’s easy-going brand, there’s still a ton of exciting stuff to do. On a two-day trip to Madrid you need to take advantage of the food on offer, the art and of course the culture. Luckily many of Madrid’s delights can be found within a small area, so you can pack a lot into your two days. An extensive transport network can get you to sights further out, such as Real Madrid’s stadium.  Lucky for you, we’ve created short-stay itineraries that will keep you on your toes while still being able to relax. It’s Madrid after all!


Visit Madrid: where to eat

Did you know that most Madrileños eat lunch at 2pm and dinner at 10pm? But even if you cannot adjust to those hours, don’t worry because Madrid has thriving culinary scene and we’ve created lists of the best restaurants in the city for you to try and enjoy! Perhaps best known for its hearty cocido and callos a la Madrileño, these dishes mix chorizo with Moroccan-style chickpeas and paprika. As well as Madrid-specific cuisine, you can also try Basque, Andalusian and Canary-island flavours, all in one city.


Visit Madrid: where to stay

Madrid has many local barrios or neighborhoods that are distinct from one another and cater to almost every type of traveller. You’ve got the city center that’s full of shops and luxury hotels. You also have less commercial areas that offer more humble accommodation. To enjoy a luxurious stay, the Gran Meliá Dukes Palace is a perfect option, or book the same rooms Ernest Hemingway and Matt Damon stayed at Hotel Wellington. Mid-range hotel brands such as NH have options all over the city, while for budget travellers there are countless hostels and airbnb rooms. Whatever it is you’re looking for, you’ll find it our suggestions on where to stay in Madrid.


Visit Madrid: where to shop

Shopping probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of traveling to Madrid. But the city is ground zero for independent Spanish brands to thrive. We’ll introduce you to local boutiques like NAC and Ekseption that bring together different brands and designers from all over the world. Another brand Cortona is a Spanish label that champions sustainability and natural materials. With a bit of research and patience, you’re sure to discover your next favorite Spanish label that will make you forget about Zara and Mango!


Visit Madrid: how to use the public transport

Much like its rival city of Barcelona, Madrid also has quite the sophisticated public transport network. The nightlife thrives in the city because the local metro runs until 1:30am. But even if you miss that, the city has a vast network of buses that run through the night. Are you ready to know more about Madrid’s local transport? Read our guide!


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