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If you’re traveling to France, you should definitely visit Normandy. Our Normandy Travel Guide will show you how vast and beautiful this region in the north is and what worthwhile things to do in Normandy are. Fortified by the most pivotal battles during the Second World War, the beaches of Normandy are a must-see. Our guide will also introduce you to the most beautiful towns in the region that should be part of everyone’s Normandy tours. Planning to visit Normandy? Don’t miss out are our expert tips and recommendations for getting in and around the region as well as the local Norman food that are worth stopping for!


Where to go in Normandy

Normandy is one of the largest regions in France and is full of charming little towns both inland and coastal. To properly visit Normandy we recommend driving through the small towns one by one. You’ll find how each town has its own distinct set of charms and attractions worthy of a stop! Why don’t you visit the town of Honfleur? Though it’s a rather small town, it’s bustling and there are many things to see. From the cobbled alleys of downtown to the picturesque harbor. Or how about driving all the way to the Etretat Cliffs? Renowned for its coastal scenery and stunning white cliffs that are familiar around the globe.


Visit Normandy: Things to do

Apart from visiting the historical sites of the D-Day landings, you’ll be delighted to find that Normandy has a lot to offer. One of those is the famous Monet House and Gardens in Giverny where you’re sure to see bursts of colors  from all of the plants and flowers! The Normandy Beaches and the World War II Memorials also bring history to life through scenery and nature. The D-Day beaches give travellers a chance to explore an area of France rich in history.


Normandy Itineraries

We invite you to visit Normandy by taking inspiration from any one of our itineraries. Like we keep saying, Normandy is a huge region with tons of places to see and activities to do. We’ve crafted these itineraries that we’ve tried and tested ourselves to help you have a smooth and memorable experience of traveling the region. You can visit an authentic Norman cheese or cider farm to get a glimpse into one of the region’s most important industries and taste local products. Bayeux, the D-Day landing beaches, the spectacular cliffs of Etretrat and picturesque towns like Honfleur and Deauville are just a small handful of the many attractions in the region.


Normandy Transport Guide

Unlike big cities like Paris and Bordeaux, Normandy is best traveled by car. Here, we share our expert tips to help you enjoy your drive through the region. We also share information on traveling to Normandy by public transport. Planning the logistics and choosing the best transportation options can be tricky. Renting a car, driving in from Paris, taking the train, attempting to navigate the many local bus networks – there are numerous decisions to be made. The best option for you will depend on your travel budget, desired comfort, itinerary and timing.


Visit Normandy: What to eat

The regional cuisine of Normandy is something not to be missed. Being a coastal region, expect delicious seafood, especially oysters. Also, a lot of the rich dairy products of France come from here! Make sure you grab a wheel of Camembert cheese on your trip. And don’t forget to sample the local apple brandy called Calvados either!


Visit Normandy: Where to stay

Normandy has a lot of cities and towns that are distinctively unique from each other. But whatever your preference is, you’re guaranteed to find a place that will be comfortable for you. To visit Normandy authentically, we’ve written up about the different places that will be perfect for your excursions. The region has a plethora of hotels, local inns, and even camp sites where every kind of traveller is welcome.


Visit Normandy: Free Travel Guides

Don’t go on a trip through Normandy without our Free Normandy Travel Guides! Our Maps don’t just mark down where certain places are. Our Maps are highly comprehensive and come with useful details and information on attractions, restaurants, accommodation, and transport! Check out our Giverny and D Day Beaches maps!


Visit Normandy: Travel links and resources

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