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Winner of the 2017 European Best Destination award, it was certainly a long time coming for this coastal city. It’s for this reason why even more people want to visit Porto. Often compared against its southern counterpart Lisbon, this northern city has its own charms. Our Porto Travel Guide will invite you to carve up a meaningful part of your time to visit the city. Not just a city for lovers because of its romantic scenery, we’ll also show you the best things to do, where to stay, and the best restaurants and food to eat while here.


Visit Porto: things to do

Being one of the oldest cities in Portugal, expect to be awe-struck by some lavish baroque architecture manifested by its churches and monuments. We also invite you to talk a nice walk along the Duoro river in the Ribeira district. Here, you can find an urban café to relax at and people watch from. And of course, don’t forget to sample what Porto is most famous for—Port wine! We even share a compact itinerary for travellers who don’t have much time. Two days in Porto means that you can explore the Ribeira Old Town, with its outstanding Igreja de Sao Francisco and amazing Praça da Ribeira. Within these two days you can take a cruise along the Douro River, and still have time to sample the wines on the other bank.


Visit Porto: where to stay

Porto has many different areas where all kinds of travellers would be happy to find themselves in. You have the option of staying in the city center where you can observe how locals go about their day. You also have the option of staying a bit further up the hills where the views will make you fall in love with the city!


Visit Porto: food and drink guide

Are you surprised to hear that Porto has its very own Michelin-starred restaurants? But if white table cloths and silverware aren’t what you’re craving for, you’ll also find delicious local eats at the humble markets and local restaurants. We also recommend spending an evening at a local bar where you can drink the local tipple with Portuguese tapas.


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Also available in: zh-hant繁體中文 zh-hans简体中文 thไทย ja日本語 ko한국어 idIndonesia esEspañol ruРусский