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Someone famous once said that “the world may change but Rome is Rome”. If this intrigues you, then you must visit Rome. Our Rome Travel Guide will show you why this ancient city still stands as proud as it did back in day. There’s no denying why this ancient capital is called the Eternal City for its timeless beauty and rich history. Known for having old roots, it’s exciting to also discover the new things that have come out of the city. We have compiled the best tips from our own experiences of traveling to Rome as well as expert advice from locals. On this page, you’ll find our recommendations for the best attractions, best things to do in Rome and where to stay in the city. For your to visit Rome, we’ll also introduce you to its best restaurants that we’ve come to love as well as useful tips on using the public transportation in Rome.


Visit Rome: things to do

Traveling Rome is easy. All you need to have are comfortable shoes for walking the cobblestone streets and a sense of adventure. Rome has amazing fountains, ancient monuments, and world-class art that are absolutely worth seeing. Ideally, you should do all of this with a delicious gelato in one hand! Even if you’re not of Catholic faith, you’ll definitely want to visit the Vatican City. It is the smallest independent country by size yet its impressive architecture represents how massive its Christian following is! We’ll also tell you about visiting the Roman Colosseum that is one of the few places in the whole world that allow you to witness the remains of the ancient Roman Empire.


Visit Rome: where to eat

It’s true that good Italian food can now be found pretty much anywhere in the world.  But the feeling of eating a delicious pizza on a roman street while enjoying the view of a crowded piazza is pretty special. The cuisine is especially fond of offal, artichokes, carbonara and amatriciana sauce, fried snacks, good coffee, meat, cheese and of course, the beloved gelato. The cuisine of the eternal city will open your palate up to new flavors. Check out our top recommendations for the best eats in Rome!


Visit Rome: where to stay

There are many great areas to stay at in Rome. You have the busy areas of Monti and Navona that are walking distance from the most famous attractions. You also have the more quiet neighborhood of Trastevere where you can enjoy a more local ambiance. Whatever your preference, you’re sure to find a place in Rome something that fits you perfectly.


Visit Rome: transportation guide

The metropolitan city of Rome has a reliable public transport system that takes on thousands of passengers each day. The system is affordable and efficient which is why we recommend all travellers to take it instead of spending a lot on taxis. Our transport guide will answer your most basic questions of using the local transport system in Rome.


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